My thoughts on the PlayStation VR

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My thoughts on the PlayStation VR

Postby SDL_Daz » Sun Oct 16, 2016 6:44 pm

Firstly i haven't bought this because it is £350 for the headset alone then if you want the full kit it is another £40 + for the camera and another £70 for the PlayStation move then you have to buy the games and they range from £15.99 all the way upto £49.00.
I was lucky enough to have a mate who had bought it and he came round to show me today, we played some of the demos.
First impression the headset is very well made and it fit me with my glasses on with no problem, the headset is also fairly light, however it does have a wire coming out of it and for some reason it is to one side this makes it a little awkward when putting the helmet on, the camera set up was also easy and it felt very responsive to my actions in game, you don't need a lot of room either because you can sit in your usual chair and play you dont go walking around because you use the controller for that.
I played several demos including "Until Dawn™: Rush of Blood" and this was my favourite, it is on rails so it is in the form of a rollercoaster and it really does feel like your there, if you look behind you, you can tell you are engulfed in the play area it really does feel real and tangible, the scares are very real in fact i nearly fell of my chair and i found myself sweating alot my heart rate went up it really was scary, i tried several other games to an they all felt immersive and they all provided several WOW moments.
Would i buy one ? the answer is no i would not because like most people i don't have that sort of money to spend on it especially when it cost more than the console, although i was at times overwhelmed by what i was seeing i did notice some problems, the amount of time you could wear this would be no more than one hour it gets hot and very disorientation at times, i can see the games being very restricted due to this and due to the nature of the product and the restrictions it has.
For now it is my opinion something to show your mates and something to wow your mates with but i cant see anyone sitting and playing games on it for any amount of time, i think the technology is in its infancy and needs time to find itself before it will be worth buying.

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My thoughts on the PlayStation VR

Postby JennAllen » Sun Feb 05, 2017 11:56 pm

Well yeah you are right about that. You have a good point on that. Right now I am thinking buying a VR Headset. But kinda having a doubt. It changes rapidly. You'll buy the latest one today. And by the next month here come a newer version.

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