Stafford Winter Darts League 2016-17

J & I INSTALLATIONS Premier Division

Match 1Match 2Match 3
Greyhound A v Harlequin S
Rearranged 15 Feb
Joiners A7v0Luckpenny A
Morris Man4v3Kings Arms A
Railway Inn5v2Legion A
St Georges B 5v2Amasal
Star Garter4v3Universal A
Amasal3v4Joiners A
Harlequin S4v3Railway Inn
Kings Arms A2v5St Georges B
Legion A2v5Star Garter
Luckpenny A5v2Greyhound A
Universal A5v2Morris Man
Greyhound A3v4Amasal
Joiners A2v5Kings Arms A
Legion A2v5Universal A
Railway Inn4v3Luckpenny A
Railway Point Deducted
St Georges B 2v5Morris Man
Star Garter4v3Harlequin S
Wednesday, 21st September 2016Wednesday, 28th September 2016Wednesday, 5th October 2016
Match 4Match 5Match 6
Amasal5v2Railway Inn
Harlequin S6v1Legion A
Kings Arms A5v2Greyhound A
Luckpenny A4v3Star Garter
Morris Man4v3Joiners A
Universal A5v2St Georges B
Greyhound A5v2Morris Man
Harlequin S4v3Universal A
Joiners A3v4St Georges B
Legion A4v3Luckpenny A
Railway Inn2v5Kings Arms A
Star Garter3v4Amasal
Amasal4v3Legion A
Kings Arms A4v3Star Garter
Luckpenny A2v5Harlequin S
Morris Man v Railway Inn
Rearranged 22 Feb
St Georges B 4v3Greyhound A
Universal A3v4Joiners A
Wednesday, 12th October 2016Wednesday, 19th October 2016Wednesday, 26th October 2016
Match 7Match 8Match 9
Greyhound A3v4Joiners A
Harlequin S3v4Amasal
Legion A2v5Kings Arms A
Luckpenny A3v4Universal A
Railway Inn2v5St Georges B
Star Garter2v5Morris Man
Amasal4v3Luckpenny A
Joiners A6v1Railway Inn
Kings Arms A4v3Harlequin S
Morris Man2v5Legion A
St Georges B 4v3Star Garter
Universal A4v3Greyhound A
Amasal5v2Universal A
Harlequin S4v3Morris Man
Legion A0v7St Georges B
Luckpenny A2v5Kings Arms A
Railway Inn5v2Greyhound A
Star Garter2v5Joiners A
Wednesday, 2nd November 2016Wednesday, 9th November 2016Wednesday, 16th November 2016
Match 10Match 11Match 12
Greyhound A6v1Star Garter
Joiners A6v1Legion A
Kings Arms A6v1Amasal
Morris Man5v2Luckpenny A
St Georges B 5v2Harlequin S
Universal A5v2Railway Inn
Amasal4v3Morris Man
Harlequin S3v4Joiners A
Kings Arms A5v2Universal A
Legion A3v4Greyhound A
Luckpenny A v St Georges B
Rearranged 22 Feb
Star Garter4v3Railway Inn
Greyhound A3v4Legion A
Joiners A2v5Harlequin S
Morris Man2v5Amasal
Railway Inn3v4Star Garter
St Georges B 4v3Luckpenny A
Universal A3v4Kings Arms A
Wednesday, 23rd November 2016Wednesday, 30th November 2016Wednesday, 7th December 2016
Match 13Match 14Match 15
Amasal1v6Kings Arms A
Harlequin S4v3St Georges B
Legion A2v5Joiners A
Luckpenny A3v4Morris Man
Railway Inn5v2Universal A
Star Garter4v3Greyhound A
Greyhound A v Railway Inn
Not Played
Joiners A5v2Star Garter
Kings Arms A4v3Luckpenny A
Morris Man4v3Harlequin S
St Georges B 5v2Legion A
Universal A v Amasal
Postponed 22 Feb Uni to confirm
Greyhound A3v4Universal A
Harlequin S v Kings Arms A
Rearranged 22 February
Legion A4v3Morris Man
Luckpenny A3v4Amasal
Railway Inn v Joiners A
Postponed 1 March Joiners to confirm
Star Garter2v5St Georges B
Wednesday, 14th December 2016Wednesday, 21st December 2016Wednesday, 28th December 2016
Match 16Match 17Match 18
Amasal4v3Harlequin S
Joiners A5v2Greyhound A
Joiners A owes £5.60
Kings Arms A6v1Legion A
Morris Man4v3Star Garter
Not Received
St Georges B 4v3Railway Inn
Universal A5v2Luckpenny A
Greyhound A3v4St Georges B
Harlequin S4v3Luckpenny A
Joiners A3v4Universal A
Legion A3v4Amasal
Railway Inn2v5Morris Man
Star Garter4v3Kings Arms A
Amasal4v3Star Garter
Kings Arms A6v1Railway Inn
Luckpenny A4v3Legion A
Morris Man4v3Greyhound A
St Georges B 1v6Joiners A
Universal A2v5Harlequin S
Wednesday, 4th January 2017Wednesday, 11th January 2017Wednesday, 18th January 2017
Match 19Match 20Match 21
Greyhound A v Kings Arms A
Joiners A v Morris Man
Legion A v Harlequin S
Railway Inn v Amasal
St Georges B v Universal A
Star Garter v Luckpenny A
Amasal v Greyhound A
Harlequin S v Star Garter
Kings Arms A v Joiners A
Luckpenny A v Railway Inn
Morris Man v St Georges B
Universal A v Legion A
Greyhound A v Luckpenny A
Joiners A v Amasal
Morris Man v Universal A
Railway Inn v Harlequin S
St Georges B v Kings Arms A
Star Garter v Legion A
Wednesday, 25th January 2017Wednesday, 1st February 2017Wednesday, 8th February 2017
Match 22  
Amasal v St Georges B
Harlequin S v Greyhound A
Kings Arms A v Morris Man
Legion A v Railway Inn
Luckpenny A v Joiners A
Universal A v Star Garter
Wednesday, 15th February 2017