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Staffordshire Darts Tournament


Tournament : Winter Knockout


Winter Knockout - Board 1

Quarter Finals
A Johnson vs S Edwards
D James vs M Hollywood
S Brown vs P Daley
D Wilson vs J Coleman

Winter Knockout - Board 2

Round 1
M Knott vs A Hughes
RTaylor vs P White
A Bartley vs C Bickley
Quarter Finals
F Hill vs J Dawson
S Griffiths vs D Pearce
Winner (R:1_G:3) vs K Marsden

Winter Knockout - Board 3

Round 1
D Warwick vs M Johnson
K Dale vs GJones
Quarter Finals
R Hall vs S Mitchell
D Horton vs Winner (R:1_G:8)
Winner (R:1_G:1) vs M Simkin
A Beeston vs S Brown Legion

Winter Knockout - Board 4

Round 1
S Davies vs S Trow
D Whitehouse vs R Mercer
Quarter Finals
N Holford vs I Pete
D Wrench vs Winner (R:1_G:8)
Winner (R:1_G:1) vs K Harding
M Booth vs A Bradley

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